New Yamaha Banshee

Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover

Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover

Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover   Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover

You get the "Fine Machined Finish" complete 2 piece or 3 piece stator cover and support plate(WITHOUT BEARING AND CUSTOM NUT). This includes stator cover, bearing support plate (WITHOUT BEARING) and all stainless fasteners and gaskets. This is the complete 2 piece or 3 piece kit (excluding bearing and custom nut).

No modification and 5 minute install. If you don't remove your stator cover to make multiple tuning adjustments at the track then the two piece is what you want. The two piece requires removal of the support plate to remove the stator cover. The three piece allows easy removal of either the support plate or the stator cover separately.

Chariot Performance Transmission Bearing Support. Check all of our listings for the bearing support or stator cover combination you are looking for.

All of our bearing support and stator cover options are interchangeable and modular. Notice that options in our listings are varied and some pictures are just to show the position of the part on the banshee. Why do I need a bearing support? (Bearing and Custom nut excluded from this listing). Reduces transmission wear by reducing transmission shaft flex cause by modified engines.

Greatly reduces the likelihood of transmission explosions (gears breaking) common to engines producing over 100 horses. Do I need a bearing support? Anything done to your banshee to increase horsepower increases wear on your transmission.

Ex: k&n filter, aftermarket reeds, larger carbs, porting, changing of combustion chamber by use of aftermarket "cool head" and the list goes on. What is unique about Chariot's transmission support?

The attention to detail and design is unmatched in the industry. Our products perform as specified! We offer options to meet the level of investment you are prepared for.

Our bearing supports are easier to install than any others. This is usually only for those on the tightest budget and don't care if they have a plastic stock cover with our aluminum bearing plate. This option requires cutting and epoxying the stock plastic cover. This is very tricky and a pain. The front cover weighs 9.9 ounces, only 1.3 ounces more than stock PLASTIC cover cut to same size!!!

Ask yourself why others don't advertise the weight of their cover. Possibly because they weigh 2lbs and even much more. Ours is designed to be strong and light. Chariot produces the highest quality in the industry and offers the best choice of products at the fairest prices.
Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover   Yamaha Banshee Stator Cover